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  • Silver Package HD Video Subscription
  • 1 months Access: 105 HD videos: : 35 Exericse Videos, 35 Breakdown Videos, 35 RCA Actor Top Tip Videos
  • 13+ hours plus of quality RCA learning to help you easily pass the MRCGP RCA
  • Only £399 for 1 months subscription
  • Only £449 for 3 months subscription

  • Minute by minute RCA Video consultation breakdown, of a passed RCGP candidate*: along with FULL mark schemes.
  • Full breakdown of Mark Schemes: including the passing/failing criteria
  • What to do & What not to do
  • All the major errors that cause borderline fails: highlighted, fixed and replaced with:
  • All the high scoring techniques, tips, methods and systems explained: In Video!
  • Videos teach you how to tackle ANY case/topic/issue in the RCA, with a proven step-by-step formula
  • Ideal for candidates who cannot attend course/need to cram/want to know everything in the shortest time
  • 26 High Definition (HD) videos of perfect GOLD standard consultations
  • Covering all the major topics you are likely to see in the RCA: deal with ANY case given to you on the day.
  • The fastest way to boost your score, in the shortest time, from the comfort of your home
  • Allowing you to start your career as GP, earning upwards of £150,000+
  • 3 subscription packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze
    • Gold: 1 months subscription access: All 170+ HD videos : 20+ hours learning: Only £499 
    • Silver: 1 months subscription access: 105 HD videos: Only £399: Huge: 14+ hours learning
    • Bronze: 1 months subscription access: 60 HD videos: Only £299: 7+ hours of learning

    *Video consultation breakdowns are of an actual candidate who passed the RCGP exam in the UK.


    1. What is included in the Videos?
      •     For example, a video on a case of Achilles Tendinitis would have the following detailed breakdown:
        • How you would introduce yourself: the key points to making the perfect start. Step by step.
        • Key Questions you have to ask to make a diagnosis: and a system to then tackle ANY MSK case. e.g. Shoulder, Hips etc
        • Key red flags you must ask (for the MSK system)
        • Breakdown of techniques on body language, voice and facial expressions to score points on communication skills
        • How to unlock the psycho-social elements of the RCA for any MSK RCA case
        • How to transition between psycho-social taking and medical data gathering smoothly
        • What do when you get stuck and have a mind freeze in the RCA exam
        • What exactly you need to do for the achilles tendinitis examination
        • How to formulate a bullet proof management plan for achilles tendinitis: that is patient centred, doctor tailored and RCA Examiner friendly: Then a system to teach you how to apply the formula to ANY MSK case
        • How to generate a tight safety net and follow up plan: to ensure extra marks in the RCA exam
        • Finally, a system that lets you do all this, in 10 minutes, without feeling pushed for time.
    2. Who are the actors in the video?
      •    The actors in the video are almost all MRGP roleplayers, giving you the exact acting to expect and see in the real exam
    3. What quality are these videos?
      • All videos are shot in HD format, enabling excellent vieweing of the sublte nuainces you should expect from the RCA actors.
    4. How are these videos different from the other videos that other courses provide?
      •    We teach you a system, to go home with, ready and prepared to tackle any RCA case. You see for yourself, how this system is implemented and all you need to do is learn, apply and then pass.
    5. Can you give us some more example videos and the step-by step system?
      • Yes! For example, acute conjunctivitis case = case breakdown & entire system explained to tackle ANY opthamology case
      • e.g. migraine headache= case breakdown & entire system explained to tackle ANY neurology case
      • e.g. results for USS abdomen RCA station= case breakdown & entire system explained to tackle ANY results counselling station

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