I&R Learning Needs Asssessment

  • The Induction and Refresher Scheme (I&R) is the route to join/return to General Practice in England.
  • In order to join/return, you must pass the Simulated Surgery (SS) component of I&R.
  • Simulated Surgery test 5 key skill areas: as well as Consulting/Communication Skills
    • Gathering Medical Information
    • Eliciting the Patient's Concerns
    • Explaining the Diagnosis
    • Managing the problem
    • Effective Consulting
  • Whilst the MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and the Simulated Surgery may share the same resources, they are not the same exam. However, the key underlying principles still apply

  • Our I&R: Simulated Surgery Video Course, guides you through all the Key pieces of knowledge you need to pass the Simulated Surgery.

  • We successfully teach & demonstrate to you the socio-linguistic model of communications that GPs use in the UK, even if you don't have the opportunity to practice it in a real life GP surgery:

I&R: Simulated Surgery Video Course

  • Our Online Video Consultation Video Bank also allows you to see these skills being implemented:

Consultation Videos